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Twixler: [Animal Head] Eevee and Shiny Eevee animal heads/helmets

Тема в разделе "Посты от разработчиков", создана пользователем RuTroveBot, 25 янв 2017.

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    Запостил Twixler [​IMG]
    There are a few things to keep in mind here: 1. Copyright material, things that are obviously trademarked and branded by other companies are something we (modders) should avoid due to the legal nature... If there is something that is popular- try to make it not it a perfect match to the original. 2. WE need to tone down the amount of detail on the heads. I created a few that, in hindsight were just way too detailed(shark) and it ultimately does not match Trove's style. 3. Size IS an issue. I love your ears, but they are just a little too big and protruding. Notice that I had modeled the bunny ears straight back, while still trying to sell that they are "long." I love what you have done!! I would keep the above tips in mind and perhaps edit it a bit more :) VERY GOOD JOB for a first mod!
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