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Its time for Luxion to have a Spring Cleaning!

The event will be Live on PC and PS4 from 05.07.2019 at 11AM UTC (4AM PDT) until 05.21.19 at 11AM UTC (4AM PDT).

On Xbox One, it will be next Monday (May 14th), at 11AM UTC (4AM PDT) and will end on 05.28.19 at 11AM UTC (4AM PDT).

For this event:

- Talk to Luxion in the Hub. Youll be provided a 6-step quest chain by Luxion which is clearing out old items that no longer make him happy
- Completing the quest chain provides a non-tradable golden chaos chest
- Luxion switches out his stock every Tuesday during the event and has a total of 20 different items for sale

The Spring Cleaning will not last forever so dont hesitate and jump in now!!

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