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Postcard: patch notes - join the party part 2! - december 6, 2016

Тема в разделе "Посты от разработчиков", создана пользователем RuTroveBot, 6 дек 2016.

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    Join the Party Part 2
    • The Party continues! Shadow Pinata Invaders are again dropping from the sky, and now have a rare chance to drop Lively Launcher Wings.
    • Tysorion the Steward of New Beginnings has arrived! Spend your coins in the Join the Party events to get Trove's newest dragon!
    • Celebratory Pin Heads now drop from Celebratory Pinatas!
    • The hub has donned its winter coat, but the party is ramping up!
    Special Effect Blocks
    • There are 5 new craftable blocks in the fun factory that play special effects when you run over them or ride over them with a mag rider! They will also play any music blocks underneath them.
    Store Updates
    • Weekly Deals have arrived! Every week, a fantastic deal on certain items will appear in the store. Each deal can be purchased only once until it returns.
    • Winter is here, and with it, Winter Pinatas!
    Additional Updates
    • Updated Hotbar to prevent "SHIFT" from being cut off.
    • Crafting item name text field extended to prevent cut off.
    • Updated the criteria for the featured club world portals in the hub so that none should ever be empty.
    • 2 new Battle Arena maps have been added to the rotation.
    • Reduced terraforming countdown from 25 to 10 seconds.
    • Kills from spawned allies (Tombraiser's minions, Pirate Captain's "First Mate") will now start counting towards Defeat Enemies stat tracking.
    • The Checked Off hat has reacquired its name in the tooltip.
    • The Tech Table Segment recipe is no longer called the Tech Table Corner recipe.
    • If one person cancels out of the name change prompt, other players also contemplating a name change will not have their prompts disappear.
    • Consuming Dragon Souls will now properly refer to the type of soul consumed.
    • Added an internal cooldown to reduce /joinme spamming.
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