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Phantasie: Game crashes after every death

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    Запостил Phantasie [​IMG]
    Запостил Suri [​IMG]
    Hi all,I wanted to make you all aware, if you weren't already, that every time I die my game freezes for a few seconds and returns to dashboard. This is consistently happening. I'm unsure of its an error on my end or if this is being experienced by others too.
    Hey SuriWell, we certainly aren't aware of a bug that causes a crash every time you die. I play constantly (and die constantly) and haven't seen this on XB1 (not saying its not happening, of course). On a standardized hardware platform - like the XBox One - it's rarer to have a problem that is unique to someones setup, but it is possible. So I'd like to look into your crash. Can you PM me your gamer tag/player name and the approximate time and time zone of when you crashed and I'll pull the crash dump to see whats happening.You mention you are a coder. Have you by chance enabled Developer Mode on your console, and thus installed a preview system update build? (http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-o...vation-app-faq). Thanks-- Phantasie
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