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Junebug: [modding] any opinions on this new costume policy?

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    Hi guys! Thanks so much for your feedback on the new policy for costumes. I will be following this thread as long as it is active. The number one reason we have started to release costumes without new VFX is to get more costumes in the game. Creating VFX for a costume is a time-consuming process; it takes about the same amount of time to "reskin" existing VFX as it does to create VFX for a new class. Even simple recolors can take a long time. We have been able to accept and implement over a dozen costumes in just a few weeks with the new policy, and hope to keep adding costumes much more regularly than before. In light of your feedback, we are discussing allowing players to choose VFX reskins independently, to be mixed and matched with the costume of their choice. It'd allow us to keep putting a lot of costumes in the game, while introducing new VFX options to complete your look. This is a plan for the distant future, but it's definitely on our radar.In the meantime, modders who enjoy VFX may try their hands at wings or auras. We've accepted a few player wings, and one aura, just recently! While we don't accept VFX files from modders directly, the final product remains true to their vision.
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