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Fasti: UPDATED - Xbox One Patch - January 25, 2017 - 9 AM PST (5 PM GMT)

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    I'm wondering why time wasn't spent fixing more of the myriad of gamebreaking bugs instead of adding more things to the store. Everyone keeps saying oh it's beta, but it's feeling like the focus is still on making money first, and improving the game second.Ive also noticed that previously, as in just yesterday, the patch notes for this had a list of bug/crash fixes. That list now seems to be gone and is replaced with 'system maintenance and store packs'. Is that to say that the patch that was supposedly in certification for xbox/ps4 was not applied today, and instead we get more store items? It's a bit confusing
    I can appreciate your concerns. Developing for consoles is quite different than PC in that we are able to do quick fixes for issues on PC, test them internally, and roll them out whenever we want. For consoles we fix a lot of things at once because it's much better to get a few large builds certified than trying to get a lot of very small builds certified back to back. They love us, but have other stuff to do as well. :) Once we create new builds with bug fixes we send them to Sony and Microsoft to review and they let us know if they see any new bugs. If not, then the build is certified and we work with them to schedule downtime to roll the update out.The blog post discussing our stability patch is still accurate but that build is in certification. We're unable to push that update out until that is finished. The moment it is done we'll schedule the downtime and let everyone know the plan.For this update most of the work was on our side and not stuff you'll see directly. We also removed some packs from the store a few weeks back and this was our next opportunity to put them back.We appreciate you taking the time to play during our beta. Things are progressing very nicely and there is a ton of stuff on the way. We'll continue to do our very best to keep updates coming regularly so please bear with us.Thanks!
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