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Fasti: This Week In Trove – February 21, 2017

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    Запостил Fasti [​IMG]
    [​IMG]This week in Trove we’re ramping up for lots of amazing things just over the horizon! Read on for the latest Trove news.Playing Trove on consoles?Fill the Star Bar by completing dungeons and Shadow Towers to get double the Cubit payout all week!The top Chaos Chest prize this week is the calcium enriched Boneweaver mount! Oh, Boneweaver, I believe you can get me through the night. Ooh Boneweaver, I believe we can reach the morning light.[​IMG]Playing on Windows or Mac?Valentine’s Day is entering the final week but hellbugs are still in love! Get all the details here.Be sure to login to the PC version of Trove every day for daily login loot!
    • Tuesday, 2/21: 10 Dragon Coins
    • Wednesday, 2/22: 1 Day Patron Pass
    • Thursday, 2/23: 10 Glittering Horseshoes
    • Friday, 2/24: 1 Day Patron Pass
    • Saturday, 2/25: Minor Experience Coin
    • Sunday, 2/26: 1 Day Patron Pass
    • Monday, 2/27: Ninth Life
    Top Chaos Chest loot this week is the brand new mount: Whacky Waffle! This toasty, golden creation by spar13 comes with sweet syrupy goodness and a pat of butter for good measure![​IMG]The Trove Store has the Patron Weekly Deal running. Pick up a a Minor Experience Coin to boost any character up to level 10 as well as a 3 day Patron Pass![​IMG]Thanks for playing and for being part of our fantastic community! Have a great week, Trovians!
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