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Fasti: Questions

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    Maybe the community can help me or the devs.I am looking for dates, actual times on when things or items are coming out, not just "it's coming".1. Mastery rank 400, is there a date or has it already passed?2. What is the chance for opening a tradible or non-tradible chaos coin? Point in fact, I opened my ganda before I got a chaos coin from a chaos chest or a golden chaos chest.3. Big updates are coming, Trion is extremely bad at actually setting dates on when something will happen. Don't say "it's coming or will happen" but give a date.R, Knowpain
    Hi!Let's have a little chat here. I'm going to let you in on some secrets, but don't tell anyone. We'd love to give you dates for when things are coming. Dates are awesome. As the Community Manager I'm going to be the source for most of this kind of info. The issue is that it's a complex world and game systems are even more complex.Changing on small thing can impact things you'd never expect. We want to bring a bunch of content all at once but we need to make sure all of it works together without causing too many headaches. As it stands we'll always have some bugs - that's just a reality of building an ever-changing MMO.We don't want to even ballpark a date for something that isn't already complete because when we do that we are told that we "promised" a date that has slipped. You'll always get answers from me that I believe to be true. Sometimes I'm wrong. I'm 42% human (58% Bulldog) so I can screw up sometimes. I try not to, and when I do, I learn from it - always.
    • Mastery rank update is going to be above 400. We're not going to give you a date on it.
    • Chaos Chests drop Chaos Coins very rarely. It's in the neighborhood of Ganda rarity.
    • This Tuesday, January 31st, PS4 beta testers are getting the stability patch (which is a massive quality of life improvement). I just dropped some date knowledge on you. :)
    Have a great night!
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