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Fasti: Need some maze runners please! (TESTING PHASE)

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    Thanks for replying guys! Sadly it is in a PvP arena, though that's the only way I could implement the system I wanted. I do discourage actually engaging in combat while during your run, but I can't control it until Trove introduces a similar system. As far as rewards go for testing, I'm not rich and have nothing to offer -- I apologize.The reasons this maze is in a PvP arena are as below.1. PvP limits jumping. This allows me to set borders at different levels. 2. The edges of the arena allow for killing of runners via traps.3. Players can still interact with scaffolding and melty ice blocks without actually requiring the maze to be rebuilt after each run since it is in its own instance.4. As opposed to the Coin Collect or Racing mini-game portals, PvP arenas go into Overtime indefinitely if a point is not scored. 5. I can clearly set the end point with a flag and two capture portals (Red team and Blue team).Things I want that a PvP arena doesn't provide.1. Removing the capability to use abilities not including shift-dodge. (Provided in Coin Collect and Racing) This removal will make cheating via use of Lunar Lancer and Gunslinger (and in certain cases, Dino Tamer) impossible.2. The lack of PvP for obvious griefing reasons.Regardless. The maze can be found on the northern island of the club "Joys and Sorrows" feel free to attempt, but I'd prefer to be there to see first-hand the results, which is why I didn't think to share previously.
    This is very interesting. :)I'll talk to some people about these kinds of controls and see if it might be possible one day. We already have a ton of stuff going on right now so it would be a long term thing if we are able to implement these kinds of controls at all.
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