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Fasti: Llamada a todos los jugadores Hispanohablantes

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    1. There are people using the automatic translations. They make no sense at all in Spanish, first because automatic translations don't follow grammar rules and second, a word can have two meanings, for example, chest in this context must be translated as 'cofre', and not 'pecho' or else перевод will be as funny as 'daily loot breast'.2. I don't think the names of the biomes should be changed, it'd be weird 'Tierras de los Cielos Malditos'. It's long and sounds ridiculous. I think Cursed Skylands it's perfectly fine. Same as the name of the Dragons. I think that 'I have El Dragón Ala de la Luna' just makes no sense. All translations for "empowered" needs more than one word, "sobrepotenciada" is the automatic translation, but I suggest to leave it as "empowered", sounds much better and all spanish players already call it empowered. Same as 'Hub', Dark and Light Chaos Vault that might be confusing.3. I found some puns that can't be translated, such as 'Fun in fungus'. There is nothing I can do there. Chilly in english have two meanings, so a lot of puns will be lost in translation. 4. If you don't know the meaning of a word, or перевод sounds weird, don't use the automatic translation. It's probably wrong. And pay attention to false friends. Patrón is not перевод of patron, even if they sound very very similar. Patrón means boss, while patron is sponsor or patrocinador.
    We had these issues with Portuguese as well, and we learned a lot.Translaters who use Google translate will be removed from the project and will not receive the rewards. If we wanted to use Google Translate we'd use it. The reason we opened up this process on CrowdIn is because we feel strongly that the communities outside of English, French, and German deserve to have a version of Trove that works best for them. This means перевод needs to be accurate. Brazilian Portuguese moved very quickly. We're still making sure перевод is accurate, but we had a ton of help there from that community which made the process much easier on everyone. If we have native/fluent Spanish speakers who are willing to help us out, we'd love to hear from you.
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