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Fasti: Just a couple suggestions I haven't seen yet

Тема в разделе "Посты от разработчиков", создана пользователем RuTroveBot, 7 фев 2017.

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    Hey, so just gonna throw a couple ideas out there since I haven't seen to much about them yet1. Adding some kind of manual value option when trying to move/trade/sell items. currently you can either go down to one with "RT" or scroll one at a time until you reach the value you want. so for example if I have 2500 shapestone ore and I'm trying to sell/trade 1000 of them I now how to either scroll down through 1500 pieces or go down to 1 and scroll up through 999 pieces which either way can be pretty annoying.2. Adding some kind of friend tracking/party system would be nice that way you don't lose where the group you're running with is located if someone branches off to explore something else for a moment.3. This one is a bit far fetched I'm sure for the type of game devs are creating but some sort of direction as far as like a main quest or repeatable dungeon with a chance at guarenteed high quality loot would be a fun change from constantly grinding through whatever dungeon you can find.
    Hi there,Thanks for the feedback! I'll respond in a numbered list as well, for simplicity.
    1. The current system is just not where we want it to be and we're looking at additional options. A manual value option won't work well on consoles without a keyboard, but making the process of changing values is important to us as well.
    2. Having a way to quickly find friends who are in the same world as you could be very helpful. I'll bring this feedback to the team. It's been requested before, but I'm not sure where it stands at the moment.
    3. We're adding a more robust tutorial at the start and have plans for adding more quests. This will include quests that coincide with special events as well as guiding players through objectives later in the game. Still lots of work to do, but there's good stuff coming.
    I hope that helps. :)
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