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Fasti: join the party, volume 2

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    Запостил Fasti [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Join the Party is back with a new wave of celebrations! We’ve got new quests, a new batch of Shadow Pinata invaders, and a brand new party animal – Tysorian, Steward of New Beginnings, the dragon that carries a cacophony of confetti wherever it travels.Shadow Pinata invaders spent Turkeytopia getting stuffed. Now they’re well rested and back with a vengeance. Defeat them for a chance at Pinata Coins, Celebratory Pinatas, or the rare Celebratory Pinata mount.[​IMG]Collect enough Pinata Coins by defeating invaders and visit Pinates the Purveyor in the Hub. He got great deals on his holiday shopping and is now loaded up with Dormant Worldspring Eggs that you can use to craft your very own legendary dragon, Tysorian, Steward of New Beginnings.[​IMG]In addition to those fanciful party favors, they now have a chance to drop these gorgeous Lively Launcher wings![​IMG]Throw Celebratory Pinatas to complete the quest and earn rewards. Toss them near friends to share the loot! If you’re the one throwing the Pinata you’ll always receive loot, no matter how many other Trovians are celebrating nearby.The cherry on top of this swirling sundae of scintillating celebrations are brand new Weekly Deals! Each week we’ll have a special, limited time deal available for Credits from the Trove Store. This week is the Dragon Weekly Deal:
    • 15 Greater Dragon Caches
    • 2 Diamond Dragonite Pouches
    • A Golden Dragon Effigy that unlocks a legendary dragon that you don’t already have. Possible dragons granted from the Effigy include legendary dragons that come from eggs (not the Primordial dragons.)
    Greater Dragon Caches will also rarely drop a Golden Worldspring Dragon Egg which can be used to craft Tysorian, sold on the Marketplace, or given to a friend in the spirit of generosity.Party down all day, erryday!
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