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Fasti: Getting Beta All the Time - A look ahead

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    Hey Trovians,We appreciate the support you’ve shown for the Trove open beta and want to thank all of you again for the ongoing, fantastic feedback.Our next major patch for the beta is focused on greatly improving stability by reducing disconnects and substantially reducing the most common crashes. The patch with these fixes is going through testing and certification with Xbox and PlayStation 4 now and once they are locked in we’ll be rolling it out to all of you. This process can take time, but once it’s through we’ll get it out to you promptly.Since the patch is in the can from a development point of view, we wanted to give you all an early look at the patch notes for this update!Crash Fixes
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching to Build Mode while having the Map open
    • Fixed a crash when using the Lunar Lancer's secondary weapon
    • Fixed a rare crash when changing worlds
    • Fixed a rare crash related to loading user settings
    • Fixed a server crash that would cause disconnects
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after repeated switching of tabs in the Trove Store
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching tabs in the Trove Marketplace
    • Greatly reduced memory usage when loading files, which will fix some crashes when using inventory or moving throughout the world
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that could cause you to lose a gem when during the un-socket process if you don't have enough flux
    • Fixed bug where uncollected styles and emblems could be equipped
    • Fixed a rare situation where the world would not always stream in properly
    • Fixed a bug that could rarely cause the Class Selection carousel to stop working
    • Updated the profanity filter
    • The button legend for the store displays consistently
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