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Fasti: Gender Inequality in Trove Decorations

Тема в разделе "Посты от разработчиков", создана пользователем RuTroveBot, 23 фев 2017.

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    Trove Community, Tonight I noticed that there is a serious lack of humanoid female gendered decorations. It seems like we only have the "block baby girl," "fae troll" and maybe the Candified Qubesly Plushie." I guess you can also count the Basalt Queen and the Bone Queen, which really are not great offsets (and both have male counterparts). Am I wrong, or are there hardly any female gendered "decoration" characters? For example, there is a Knight and King, but no Queen? There is gunslinger and a host of other Qubselys that are male gendered, but they do not have female equivalents. Looking forward to reading what others think about this. Thanks, Meloji
    Hey there, The vast majority of our decorations are created by the community. If there are specific types of items you'd like to see we have a great community of creators on our Trove Creations subreddit. There are guides that can help you get into creating your own decorations for us to consider for the game. You can also make suggestions and see if the creators want to incorporate your ideas into their future designs. Feel free to keep suggestions coming here as well since many of our creators are active on the forums as well. We strive for a balance and we'd love to see additional options available as well.
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