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Fasti: A warning to anyone wanting to make it to top mastery

Тема в разделе "Посты от разработчиков", создана пользователем RuTroveBot, 20 фев 2017.

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    Запостил Fasti [​IMG]
    Запостил SkyRider3217 [​IMG]
    I am having a bit of doubt about this.. I recently got a replay from a ticket I submitted a week ago (at Feb 13 2017) and they could not help me even if I linked back to what you said here in the forums. So ARE we supposed to get our rewards from the CS team or not if we don't get the rewards for the week?
    I followed up on this and it looks like CS already responded again. Can you check for me and let me know if the issue is ongoing.
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