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Hey Trovians,

Are you ready for the Egg Hunt!? The Easter Rabbit has landed in Trove and hidden delicious Easter eggs on all of our social media channels!

Trovians can hop over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and find a unique picture on each platform.

So, how do you participate? EASY!
1. Go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (The links are in my signature below!)
2. Find the Easter eggs hidden in each of the pictures.
3. Share your result in the post’s comments!
4. Profit!

There will be one winner per social platform (and if there are multiple correct guesses then your dedicated CM team will randomly choose a winner), and of course they’ll be rewarded ��

The event will end on Monday 22nd 11:59 pm, so keep your eyes peeled on all of our social channels for a chance to win!

Ok Trovians, let’s get ready to HUNT!

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