Новость Cornerstone Contest


Робот RuTrove
Автор темы
Howdy Trovians!

Your lovely CM is on a reeeeaaally good mood and is giving you the opportunity to embellish your Cornerstone!

"How to participate?" you ask. EASY PEASY! :eek:
1. Take a screenshot of your magnificent Cornerstone in Trove
2. Go to your Facebook or Twitter account (links below)
3.1 Share your Cornerstone screenshot as a comment in the Contest Facebook post and/or
3.2 Reply to the Contest Tweet with your Cornerstone screenshot
4. Wait for the likes - ask your friends to like it!!!
5. Enjoy!

The 2 most liked Cornerstones will be awarded with a prize :cool:
Here's come the twist. We will have 2 winners for Facebook and 2 more for Twitter!
That's right - a total of 4 winners! Yoohoooo

Take a look at mine, I'm 100% sure you can do WAY better!

The event will start today (05/18) and will end on Monday 27th 11:59 pm CEST, so keep your eyes wide open on all of our Social Media channels for a chance to win!

Rules for a valid entry:
• only one entry per player
• you can’t submit the same screenshot for both Twitter and Facebook
• along with the screenshot, write your in-game name
• please respect the dates of the event

Start your engines and may the best builder win!

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