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Avarem: testing chaos chest drop & core rates

Тема в разделе "Посты от разработчиков", создана пользователем RuTroveBot, 9 дек 2016.

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    The issue is going to be people with high chaos factor have no need for the cores. We already have all of the items. We're going to get the new items and have leftovers no matter what. The people who spend a lot of the money this game generates aren't going to buy things they can't flip. The only thing that can be traded from the store are credits. Everything else is becoming unlock only.
    Something to consider: there are craftables that won't be available as rare results, like costumes. It's definitely true that if you've managed to get enough CF you might still be able to make everything you want without getting any additional chests, but that's going to be a decently high amount.
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