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Avarem: chaos crafter is a great idea!

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    What I'm unclear on is if they will keep the rare drop rate the same with the new non-trade CCs and the old trade ones. Everyone buying up CCs right now in hopes their value will increase may find that the rare drop rate in the old chests stay at 1.5% and the new ones get a much better rate. This could be the underlying reason why they have different karma bars.
    The tradable and untradable ones will have exactly the same loot tables with the single exception of separate karma bars (largely a function of how that tech works).For what it's worth we'll be taking the same approach to chaos chest mounts, the old ones will be tradable and new ones won't be. However the non-tradable ones will break down into 'chaos cores' which are used for crafting everything and will be valuable in their own right (for example, the new costumes will be crafted only and require cores).Chaos chests will still feature a chase prize every week (most often entirely new) and also have a deep table of previous prizes.
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