The Vengeful Kami of Smoldering Scorn

The Vengeful Kami of Smoldering Scorn 1.3.2

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Turns Syluria the Enchanting and the Adult Moonwing Dragon Mounts into a Kami of Smoldering Scorn themed dragon mount.
Special thanks to B_Y3LL0W for converting the original odd voxel body bps into even voxel bps and helping to inspire me to create the wings you see today.
Changes from Version 1:
- wings are now the 4 wing versions that work together with only minor clipping
- wings underwent various graphical changes coming from steel grey to midnight purple and grey highlights
- body changed from odd voxels to even fixing some old bugs
- body was redesigned to accommodate the even voxel design and further tweaked add design continuity
(Parts 1/ 2 are for first time downloaders mainly)
Step 1. Download and Install Trove Toolbox (obviously skip step 1 if you have Trove Toolbox)
Step 2. Set your file directory under the "settings" tab on the left, clicking "add location" and then browsing to your file directory listed below, then naming the location whatever you want in the space above. (also obviously skip this part if youve set your locations)
Step 3. Download the mod with Trove Toolbox.
Step 4. Go to "My Mods" tab on the left, the mod should be listed in the column on the left, to the right of that column should be a button listed "refresh locations", click that button and then select the location you created earlier.
Step 5. Click the "Apply Mods" button and restart your game client.
Step 6. (Optional) Enjoy :D
*File Directories(unless you installed elsewhere):
- Trove: C:program Files (x86)GlyphGamesTroveLive
-Steam: C:program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTroveGamesTroveLive
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